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The audit spotlight now shines on IT. After years of regulation and embarrassing data breaches, the highest levels of management now comfortably discuss IT controls and audit results. However, their quality expectations are rising. Where IT once performed audits annually, many now support quarterly, monthly, and ad hoc exercises. Each audit expands the scope of the technologies assessed, measured, and proven compliant. Broader scope means more complexity and more work. With the Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Kit you can increase timeliness and accuracy of audit data while reducing IT audit effort, disruption, and cost.

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requires that:

  • Enterprises have an enterprise wide security policy;
  • Enterprises have enterprise wide classification of data for security, risk, and business impact;
  • Enterprises have security related standards and procedures;
  • Enterprises have formal security based documentation, auditing, and testing in place;
  • Enterprise enforce separation of duties; and
  • Enterprises have policies and procedures in place for Change Management, Help Desk, Service Requests, and changes to applications, policies, and procedures.

To meet these needs the Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Resource Kit, which comes in four editions (Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) contains:

  • Security Policies (all editions);
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Tool (all editions);
  • Business & IT Impact Questionnaire Risk Assessment Tool (all editions);
  • Safety Program Template (all editions);
  • Disaster Recovery Template (all editions);
  • Outsourcing guide update to reflect what you vendors need to do (all editions);
  • Software tool to monitor key data files (all editions);
  • Internet and IT Job Descriptions (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Editions) and;
  • IT Service Management Template (Platinum Edition).

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Disaster Plan

Disaster Recovery Template (DRP) 

The Disaster Recovery Plan template (DRP) can be used for any enterprise.   DRP Template is sent to you via e-mail in WORD and/or PDF format. Included is a Business Impact Questionnaire as well as a full Job Description for the Download Disaster Recovery TemplateDisaster Recovery Manager

Order Security Manual TemplateSecurity Manual 

The plan is 178 pages and includes everything needed to customize the Internet and Information Technology Security Manual to fit your specific requirement.  The electronic document includes proven written text and examples for your security plan.Download Security Manual Template


Order IT Job Descriptions220 Internet and  IT Job Descriptions     

The 220 Internet and IT Position Descriptions are in Word for Windows format.  Includes positions from CIO and CTO to Wireless and Metrics Managers. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect the technology world of today.Download IT Job Descriptions


ITSM IT Service ManagementOrder IT Service ManagementThe IT Service Management Template

The  IT Service Management Template contains policies, standards,  procedures and metrics for Change Control, Help Desk and Service Request processing.  ITSM template also contains several easy to implement forms and conforms with ITIL.Download IT Job Descriptions


Order Oursouricng HandiGuidePractical Guide for IT Outsourcing

The guide is 91 packed pages and includes everything needed to plan for, negotiate, and manage an outsourcing process within an enterprise. Download Outsourcing HandiGuide


Order Safety Program TemplateSafety Program Template

The plan is 60 pages and includes everything needed to customize the Safety Program to fit your specific requirement.  The Safety was updated in December of 2004 and reflects the latest issues associated with the most recent legislation (Sarbanes Oxley).  Download Safety Program Template









Sarbanes-Oxley Issues and News

Security Breach News

January 18th, 2016

Security Breach ProtectionSecurity Breach News

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Value of severance packages declines, but are still offered

December 2nd, 2015

Value of severance packages declines, but are still offered

Interview and Hiring GuideThe value of cash severance packages have declined in recent years. However, 69% of companies still provide some top IT pros some kind of severance arrangement. Data shows that only half of companies pay cash severance upon voluntary termination, even if it's for "good reason."
In addition, the prevalence of some other benefits has declined since 2011, reflecting the trend away from perquisites and personal benefits.
Other typical severence benefits :

  • Pay a "stub year" bonus (typically pro rata) for the year in which an individualncurs a qualifying termination of employment.
  • Continue health-care benefits for 24 months the most typical practice
  • Outplacement services.

Order Interview Hiring Guide Download Interview Guide

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First hour after event occurs is critical

November 12th, 2015

First hour after event occurs is critical

Incident Communication PlanManaging the the first hour after a disaster or business interuption occurs is critica.

Getting it right in the first critical stages of any incident is a key determinant of a successful continuity outcome. Janco's  Incident Communication Plan provides road map on how to have an integrated and proactive response.  It includes the processes and tools needed to deliver a well-managed incident communication plan.

Facilitating the overall response is vital: learn how to bring everything together and ensure your response combines the speed, control, leadership and decision making that can meet the needs of a dynamic situation, whatever the scale and scope of the event.

Order PolicySample Policy

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Top BYOD Articles

September 24th, 2015

Top BYOD articles.

  1. Released BYOD Policy Template – Bring-Your-Own-Device  BYOD Policy Template Janco has announced an update to  the “BYOD Policy Template – Bring-Your-Own-Device”. BYOD Policy Template Includes an electronic form for employee agreement...
  2. 10 BYOD Best Practices for CIOs  BYOD Best Practices for CIOs Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is exploding all over corporations.  CIOs are in the cross hairs and need to follow...
  3. Top 10 Best Practices for BYOD  Best practices for  BYOD Janco has defined the following 10 best practices to follow as BYOD is implement. Have a BYOD policy in place before...
  4. 60% of all organizations have BYOD policy in place  BYOD Policy – 60% of all organizations have a BYOD policy in place Most organizations are already making the move to BYOD. According to a...

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FCC fines ISP $750,000

August 20th, 2015

FCC fines ISP $750,000

he FCC's Enforcement Division found that at five conventions across the U.S., the Smart City network sent coded messages called de-authentication frames to devices connected to personal hotspots, such as those created by smartphones.

These messages were sent to Wi-Fi base stations to terminate connections. The FCC said that Smart City was trying to force users to pay its $80 daily fee for Internet connectivity.

"It is unacceptable for any company to charge consumers exorbitant fees to access the Internet while at the same time blocking them from using their own personal Wi-Fi hotspots to access the Internet," said the chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

  • Mobility Policy Bundle (more info...) All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable
    • BYOD Policy Template (more info...) Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
    • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy (more info...)
    • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy (more info...)
    • Social Networking Policy (more info...) Includes electronic form
    • Telecommuting Policy (more info...) Includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy (more info...)
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Compliance is driven from the top down

July 1st, 2015

Compliance is driven from the top down.  Executive Management is the prime mover.

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The tone at the top is vital with communication from top management into the middle management team. Some best practices that can periodically reinforce compliance of various policies include middle management facilitating a short time of staff meeting to discuss a specific policy relative to actual business behavior. Training is great yet people need to know what compliant behavior looks to their daily work.

Compliance Process
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North Korea threatens to cyberattack the US

June 10th, 2015

North Korea threatens to cyberattack the US

North Korea was the target of an unsuccessful Stuxnet-style cyber attack and threatened a cyber attack of its own against the U.S.

North Korea goverment said it would wage a cyber war against the U.S.and that country has been blamed for several large attacks in the past.

Disaster Recovery Security Cloud DRP Security Incident Communication Policy Security Audit Program
 Order Disaster Plan TemplateDisaster Plan Sample
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Compensation is a key factor in the retention of millennials and older employees

May 23rd, 2015

All employees need to know that they are not only being fairly compensated, but that they have room to grow in the company. While reports of job-hopping millennials may have been exaggerated, it's still important to give your employees a reason to stick around.

Janco finds that when all of these perks are in balance, both young and old employees embrace the company's mission and goals.

In one study on millennials in the work place, 44 percent of millennials polled noted competitive wages as a motivating factor to go with an employer, 52 percent cited growth opportunities. So if you want to make your company attractive to millennials, focus on their ambition and drive.

Salary Survey Job Descriptions IT Job Families IT Hiring Kit Interview Guide

Order Salary Survey    Free Salary Survey
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Outsourcing Does Not Always Work Out

April 27th, 2015

The $5.5 billion Clorox company brought in a new CIO because, among other things, it realized it wasn't getting what it wanted out of an extensive outsourcing deal with Hewlett-Packard.


In quick order, the new CIO and his reformed leadership team fixed some outstanding tech issues and re-established internal control of the company's tech direction.

Clorox is a 98-year-old company based in Oakland, Calif., that has 30-plus global brands. These brands include the namesake bleach and everything from Kingsford Charcoal to KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce, Glad bags, Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing and Burt's Bees, a natural personal care product line. The company employs some 8,300 people, and has 120 people in IT. There are another 300 to 400 IT people working on the Clorox account at HP.

Order Cloud Outsourcing Template    Sample Cloud Outsourcing Contract

"How to Guide for Cloud Processing and Outsourcing provides EVERYTHING that is needed to select a vendor, enter into an agreement, and manage the relationship," says a CIO of a Fortune 100 company.

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Rebalancing Strategies For The Real-Time Enterprise

April 27th, 2015

Infrastructure PoliciesThe amount of digital information in our world has been exploding while the speed of business is accelerating. There is an unprecedented convergence in the ability to collect and work with big data, simulate, model and predict with game changing fidelity, and previously unimaginable access to information and markets with billions of people communicating and trading through mobility and social media channels. As enterprises attempt to capture and take action on trillions of bytes of data “real-time” about their customers, suppliers, and operations from millions of people, devices, and embedded sensors which are now connected by digital networks throughout the physical world, the result is a convergence of technology forces that is disrupting the global IT ecosystem.  Like other critical components of production such as hard assets and human capital, today’s economic activity, innovation, and growth could not take place without the information provided by these persistent and converging forces in mobility, big data, social media and cloud computing.

The business and economic opportunities created by each of these forces are significant, but so are the complexities associated with the global deployment of scarce IT resources.  Many executives responsible for these visible initiatives are reassessing their global IT sourcing strategies in order to achieve the right balance of knowledge, quality, risk management, and time to market.

IT Infrastructure PoliciesInfrastructure Policy Sample


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