Workforce Productivity - Best Practices

Steps to improve IT workforce productivity include:

  • IT Job Descriptions

    Develop a strong team orientation - Effective teams and the effective planning and execution provide the structure necessary to get the best from all team members.  Well written job descriptions are a first step in that process.

  • Align roles and performance objectives - Change causes by today's business environment causes misalignments of roles and focus of a significant number of the workforce.  Job descriptions that are results and metric driven are an essential tool in the management process.

  • Set performance goals and manage workforce with that as the focus - A majority of the workforce performs better if they have specific goals they must achieve.  Good job description include measurable goals.

  • Evaluate workforce based on defined objectives and goals  - Review job performance based on job content and metrics to see how they can be modified to improved organizational productivity and minimize organizational dysfunction. 

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IT Best Practices News and Information

IT Jobs are an important part of the US job market

May 21st, 2016

IT Jobs are an important part of the US job market

IT High-tech is an important part of the U.S. economy, employing nearly 3.3 million. While this accounted for about 3 percent of total employment, the IT high-tech sector is one of the highest paying sectors.

IT Job Market 

According to a study, the high-tech sector can be defined as industries having high concentrations of workers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) occupations.

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Hackers are attacking mobile devices

May 2nd, 2016

Primarily because mobile device applications have the potential to interact with confidential or sensitive information, many organizations see this area as a primary technology challenge to address and a main focus for security initiatives. Hackers have taken notice to this fact and have started targeting these mobile applications - which can ultimately lead to decreased trust in an application or an organization that uses it.

  • Mobility Policy Bundle (more info...) All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable
    • BYOD Policy Template (more info...) Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
    • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy (more info...)
    • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy (more info...)
    • Social Networking Policy (more info...) Includes electronic form
    • Telecommuting Policy (more info...) Includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff
    • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy (more info...)
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Cloud Computig shifts computing model for many corporatrions

March 25th, 2016

IT InfrastructureCloud computing, specifically Infrastructure-as a-Service, has shifted from a new but unproven approach to an accepted, even inevitable, model. Driven by flexibility and efficiency, the question facing most organizations is not whether the cloud is part of their infrastructure plans, but which applications and workloads to move to the cloud and when. But even as the benefits of cloud and hosted models have become apparent, concerns persist about security, and an assumption lingers that the cloud is inherently less secure than an enterprise data center environment.

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Microsoft goes after pirates

March 8th, 2016

According to Microsoft Comcast has an IP address that have activated thousands of copies of Microsoft's products including MS Office and Windows 7.  They have asked a federal judge permission to serve Comcast with a subpoena to identify alleged software pirates using stolen or abused codes.

Microsoft said in its court filing that, "For an unknown period of time -- but for at least the past three years -- the Infringing IP Address has been used to activate thousands of Microsoft product keys."

Security Manual Template and Compliance Tools

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Every Business Needs Security

January 22nd, 2016

Every Business Needs Security


Every business needs securityOf the hundreds of data breaches that occurred in 2015, most people can only name those that targeted major corporations: BlueCross BlueShield, Experian, Ashley Madison, etc. However, just because these massive thefts were the only ones to make the news doesn’t mean smaller businesses are safe from cyberattacks; in fact, oftentimes they are even more vulnerable to digital disasters.


A majority of small businesses are woefully under-protected against cyberthreats, but erroneous feelings of invincibility are preventing businesses from correcting their cybersecurity mistakes. Learning why security is important for every business - no matter how small - will help companies stay alive in this dangerous digital climate.


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