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from eJobdescription.com - a division of Janco Associates -- June 28, 2009

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IT Salaries Fall - Demand Down for IT Professionals

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IT Salaries Fall - Demand Down for IT Professionals

Mid Year 2009 Salary Survey Released 

IT Salary Survey

IT Job Descriptions

Janco released its 2009 Mid Year IT Salary Survey which shows that overall pay has declined for IT Professionals in the past 18 months. Janco also found that demand is down for IT Professionals.  The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis stated, "The current economic climate with its cost cutting mind sets, business closures, and extensive outsourcing has put such great pressure on the IT job market that overall pay has been impacted.  Added to that many 'baby-boomers' who had planned on retiring in the next few years are not leaving the job market and you have more potential employees than positions available."

IT Salaries Fall

The most striking observations are:

  • Many companies have instituted hiring and spending freezes in addition to laying-off of staff.  This has been augmented by extensive outsourcing, bonus reductions, and elimination of IT contractors -- which has decreased the demand for IT professionals and in some cases lowered wages, with higher priced positions being eliminated.
    • Layoffs have focused on middle management and IT support staff. 
    • Many mid-sized enterprises have stopped hiring all together.
    • There are over 200 IT professionals in the Metro New York are who earned well into six figures that are looking for work due to mergers, bankruptcies, and layoffs
  • Companies are continuing to reduce the benefits provided to IT professionals. Though benefits such as health care are available, IT professionals are now paying a greater portion of that cost.
  • Flexible hours and work schedules are now not as available as they were before the recent economic conditions changed. 
  • With outsourcing, lower bonuses, and the recent layoffs there has been a slight decrease in the mean compensation paid to IT professionals. In addition, with the fall in the Janco Benchmark it is shows  that hiring "new staff" has significantly declined.
  • There now is a surplus of seasoned IT professionals available.  For the second time in less than ten years, retirements are being put off because of the downturn in the stock market and the resultant reduction in savings available to support IT professionals as they retire.  Added to this is an influx of retirees who are looking to get back into the job market due to of the massive reduction in their investment portfolio.


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